wines we produce and bottle


Ours red wines come from the Monferrato wines' tradition: the Barbera d'Asti DOCG, the Barbera Monferrato DOC and the Bonarda Piemonte DOC. In addition, we have aged the Barbera in barrique for 7 or for 14 months.

Today we present this Barbera with a new name and a completely new livery. We call it: La Venere.


We have been in the top four farms producing Chardonnay in the Casale Monferrato district, when few experts believed in a future for the white wines. We have bet on them and we have won. So, today we are proud of our production of: Chardonnay Piemonte DOC.

we also sell in...

Carboys, demijohn and bag in box
If you prefer, we can also sell our wine directly in carboys of different capacities, from 5 to 20 liters or more.
Or you can opt for the most convenient and affordable Bag in Box​
Make your choice and let us know how we can serve you...